For the legally and responsibly armed citizen, navigating the legal aftermath of a self-defense shooting can be
especially overwhelming. The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has uncovered a group of questions shared by these responsible patriots: What happens after I’m forced to protect myself or my family with a firearm?
Will I be able to defend myself again in court? Will I go to jail?

The USCCA has seen a growing need to provide its members with answers to these profound questions. They’ve responded, in part, by establishing their very own law firm—USCCA Law, LLC—whose sole purpose is to handle legal matters of the United States Concealed Carry Association. Members of the USCCA have access to this growing network of pro-2nd Amendment attorneys in every state. Indeed, having experienced legal counsel can be the one thing that ensures innocent, responsibly armed individuals make it home to their families after they’re forced to use their weapons in self-defense.

USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt talks with
James R. Danaher of USCCA Law
The USCCA represents one of the largest collection of responsible gun owners in the United States, with over 160,000 members. When you join the USCCA Law network, you’ll be affiliated with a nationally recognized organization and will have the chance to help
like-minded individuals from across
the country.
USCCA members are provided with upfront, no-questions-asked money through their insurance-backed
Self-Defense SHIELD benefit, which means they’ll have immediate funding
to retain your services. Plus, the USCCA policy provides members with up to $1,125,000 in civil and criminal
defense reimbursement.
Your contact info, bio, photo, and
video will be housed in a searchable directory so that USCCA members can easily connect with you. You’re never required to take on a specific case and are free to establish your own selection criteria for accepting new clients.

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